Just Smile

They’re coming this way
To them I don’t know what to say
They act like they don’t care I even exist
As they never acknowledged my presence
So, should I just look away as they pass?
Pretending to be distracted?
This way I won’t have to make eye contact
But pretending is going to be so rude
They’ll clearly see I’m not busy
So, in just a few seconds before they arrive
I turned my head towards them and just smiled

And lo and behold they smiled warmly back
And nodded their head as to say hello
That one smile broke the ice
I was going to be rude, but decided to be nice
I learned even when you have nothing to say
Just smile
Scripture Reference
Proverbs 15:13 “A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken”.

Author: Gods Greatness And Compassion

God has done great things for me. He's shown enormous compassion in my life. I want to thank and praise Him with this site

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