God's Greatness And Compasssion

Poetic expressions of thanks & praises to the Lord

Still Opportunity At The Top

Is there a such thing as the top? When you got everything you sought May seem like there’s nothing left to do But God still needs you Because the laborers are few So like the birds waiting on top of... Continue Reading →

What Now?

Everything is gone Restoration? Don’t know where to start Never imagined it being this hard Down through the years When there were pain and tears God made wrong right, dark bright, sad glad So, what now? Keep praying, keep the... Continue Reading →

To God I Cling

Wishing the phone would ring Feeling so lonely Everybody gone forever it seems But to God I cling He is my life ring He said He will withhold no good thing (Psalms 34:11) Praying He will deliver me from this... Continue Reading →

Love Triumphed

A Harvest Of Blessings

God and His generosity So much can come from just one seed And He made such a wide variety Of fruits and veggies To be pleasing to many Like a crop that yields plenty A harvest of blessings has He... Continue Reading →

Flying High

Like the pilot, I’m making flight plans Putting my destination in God’s hands I can do all things through Christ He gives me encouragement and might Flying high above negativity Or anything that will deter me Taking a direct flight... Continue Reading →

The Church

The Lord Is My Rock

Walk In The Light With God

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