How Has God Been Great This Week?

God is able to do great thing He is compassionate and does great things for those who ask through prayer

Undivided Attention

Went to Bible study and no sooner than I taken my seat I heard the cellphone’s email beep Before I could check the details The Spirit’s voice said “don’t check that email” This voice reminded me Before the app, I... Continue Reading →

Go Back

Active shooter I usually hear about it on tv But this time it was near me I paused as a deep sadness came over me Not only for the affected families Not just because it could have easily been me... Continue Reading →

Torn Over Giving

The urgent agonizing plead for money Makes you wonder why the need Wondering if they are really hurting Or are old habits resurfacing Know there was an addiction before But the claim it is no more And you see the... Continue Reading →

Love Them No Matter What

You plant seeds of wisdom and goodness and watch them grow They are so darling when they’re little You pray they can reach maturity Exceeding all your hopes and dreams But along the way, they go astray And won’t grow... Continue Reading →

Losing & Regaining Joy

Don’t let the devil cause you to lose your joy (Ephesians 4:27) You’ve been down this wrong path before Don’t lash out at others with your tongue (James 3:8) As it may ruin relationships and leave you alone Keep calm... Continue Reading →

Fire The Envy

They’re having more fun than me - - it seems I wanna do what their doing, have what they have I was happy with what the Lord gave to me Until I see what others have now I’m not happy... Continue Reading →

In Everything Give Thanks

Expected to get back from an errand in time to see the news But car wouldn’t start leaving me stuck unexpectedly With the windows rolled down and inside exposed I could have gotten upset, but I found reasons to give... Continue Reading →

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