How Has God Been Great This Week?

God is able to do great thing He is compassionate and does great things for those who ask through prayer

Comfort After Death

My first morning glance at the internet website gave me some shockingly sad news One of my favorite TV host of one of my favorite shows had died This was so unexpected to the world as he wasn’t sick or... Continue Reading →

180 Degrees

Last night in bed I was literally praying out loud Seems like this problem would never itself work out I know to keep faith and not doubt But this lingering problem was wearing me down This afternoon life did 180... Continue Reading →


The checks I earned were not adding up I wanted to make that purchase but didn’t have enough Even though the Bible says ask and ye shall receive I didn’t pray about it because item wasn’t a necessity As it... Continue Reading →

Advice From Others

I can plan events pretty fast But I need others to execute my plan So, what looks like will work perfectly for me May not work at all for those whose help I need In the days when I lacked... Continue Reading →

Feeling So Blessed Today

Feeling so blessed today Got what I need Most of what I want Not enough thanks I can say Not enough praise I can give To thank the Lord for all His goodness I just be in awe and wonder... Continue Reading →

Reflecting On “Unanswered” Prayers

I was reflecting on how hard I prayed for my spouse to get a job Household expenses were increasing year after year It would be great to have financial help But a job never came despite of how hard I... Continue Reading →

Slow Down

Last night, my car warning light came on I planned to get car fixed first thing in the morn But in the morning found out the place I’d go to went out of business With limited time, I feverishly started... Continue Reading →

Just A Touch Of Love

Just a touch of love Does a lot to lift you up To see a familiar face you haven’t seen in a while Can really make you smile Even a smile or greetings from someone never seen Can make your... Continue Reading →

Same God

As years go by, life will change Same relationships may not remain May end up living in a land that’s strange Worry about the future may become a strain But while we will change, God’s will still the same He’s... Continue Reading →

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