God's Greatness And Compasssion

God is able to do great thing He is compassionate and does great things for those who ask through prayer

Same God

As years go by, life will change Same relationships may not remain May end up living in a land that’s strange Worry about the future may become a strain But while we will change, God’s will still the same He’s... Continue Reading →

Unto Thee O God Do We Give Thanks

Unto thee O God do we give thanks (Psalm 75:1) This is the beginning of my favorite Psalm Many times I wanna say thanks to God, But I don’t know quite what to say But when I start to read... Continue Reading →

Daddy’s Girl

I didn’t have a care in the world I was a daddy’s girl I knew no matter what life threw my way He was going to be there to protect and help Even if I caused the problem myself In... Continue Reading →

Give Up

I’ve been at this for months It’s a project to give praise to the Lord But only a few people have I been able to touch I want to reach many so much But feel my efforts are for naught... Continue Reading →

Cast Your Burden Upon The Lord

The human mind tends to drift to worry When faced with sudden or heavy adversity Yet Jesus said He will take care of our needs For His burden is light and His yoke is easy So like the herdsman casts... Continue Reading →

Building A Relationship With God

Words and Relationships

Got to say something, words bottled up inside me Can’t get any peace until they are released Been wrestling for days on what to say Wrong words can cause relationship strain But the current situation has to change So Lord,... Continue Reading →

When Will Enough be Enough

When will enough be enough? Pray every day that this problem will go away But it seems like it will stay It plagues me night and day How much more can I take? Doesn’t God hear me? Doesn’t He care?... Continue Reading →

Treatment Plan

Went to doctor today Expected a quick simple visit But it turned out to be a much longer day Cause more serious stuff showed on the x-ray How did my body get this way? As it never showed the symptoms... Continue Reading →

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