Permanent Cure

The new medicine will help temporarily
But wondering if this illness will forever plague me
I wanted to cry, or ask God why
But knowing things could be worse, I looked on the bright side
To figure out how to deal with this in life

Diagnosis sounds serious and permanent
But they too can be incorrect
Because a permanent cure is in God’s hands
Jesus miraculously cured the woman suffering for 12 years (Luke 8:43-48)
He miraculously restored eye sight (Mark 8:22-24)
Even brought back dead to life (John 11:38-44)

Even in the unknown wilderness
There is a bright spot that brings hope and light
So, I’m learning to cope and endure
But still praying for a permanent cure.

Scary Notification

Person detected at 3 am
That was the scary notification from the security camera
My mind began to race
Did they come back? Are they casing the place?
So strange, I had felt something was going to go wrong
And was actually up at 2 in the morn
But fell asleep at 3
So didn’t get notification beep

When woke later in the morning, I noticed notification
My mind began to race and debate, do I first view the tape?
Or go on to read the Bible and to meditate
Tape is important, what if they still on property?
If so, how can I prevent harm to me?
Settled the conflict by being reminded of Psalm 91
Which refers to danger all around but not coming near me
After all, didn’t the Lord protect?
The inside of property is still intact

So right away I didn’t view the tape
Went on to read scripture and to give the Lord thanks and praise
While using the same time I use each day
When I did get around to seeing the tape
Discovered not only was the notification scary
It was not an account of what the camera did see
Tape showed a car, not a person on the property
And it was nothing out of the ordinary

And all that time my mind was racing
Working up a sweat and worrying
Was not about to make meditation a priority
When I remembered Jesus said don’t worry (Matthew 6:25-34)
And that the Lord will keep in perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3)
The Lord will protect
And that will never be scary or incorrect.

Scripture references:

Psalm 91
Matthew 6:25-34
Isaiah 26:3

A Simple Chat

Today was a good day, had a joyous time 
Didn’t get some increase or a prize
Something long hoped for didn’t materialize 
The day was typical except for the use of my mouth and eyes

Some people I often see and usually just wave hi as they pass by me
But this day rather than just waving, we started chatting 
And it was joyfully interesting
A simple chat sounds routine and boring 
But talking feelings out and sharing 
Makes life joyfully uplifting 

Then later I picked up phone 
Just to have a simple chat with those I’ve been meaning to call in awhile 
The simple chat turned into long conversations with much laughter 
And at the end they said the enjoyed talking to me
A simple chat, can lighten the day, and make the heart merry
And Proverbs 17:22 says…A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.