God’s Greatnesses And Compassion

Great are the works of the Lord, Psalm 111:2



Faith And Mountains

Direct Line To God

Thank You Lord for giving me a direct line to You I can converse with You like I’m talking to a friend I need no one’s permission, I don’t have to meet You in a special place I don’t need... Continue Reading →

Exam Anxiety

Got exam anxiety Afraid something not good will be discovered I’ve been having symptoms that give me reasons for concern And I also need to replenish some meds I’m anxious to have exam at all But I know early detection... Continue Reading →

Living A Dream

It wasn’t serious enough to be a prayer So I say it was more like a remote dream or fantasy I’d pass by the place, see all the crowds Later on I’d hear the fireworks, and cheers I would think... Continue Reading →

Doesn’t God Love Me?

Doesn’t God love me? Those words are easy to say When your problem worsens And out of it you can’t see a way And there’s no support like it used to be You could also ask the question easily Is... Continue Reading →

Watch Your Mouth

Everything was peaceful decided to go even though I didn’t want to eventually something was said then up popped the bad attitude And my tongue became unruly The spirit convicted me right away No matter whom I’m talking to, watch... Continue Reading →

Uneventful Night

When my eyes open and I see Everything the same as before I went to sleep I say I’ve been granted another blessing Of an uneventful night while resting For when we sleep we don’t have a clue Of our... Continue Reading →


When I was younger I didn’t think nothing of forgetting stuff from time to time But with age, remembering stuff starts to decline So, when the papers I had carefully put away I couldn’t find I started to panic that... Continue Reading →

Summer Breezes

It’s a few days past June The humidity high, temperature over 90 degrees Don’t get many days like this so I should be pleased After all it beats cold and snow But it feels so miserable And sweat is pouring... Continue Reading →

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