God’s Greatnesses And Compassion

Great are the works of the Lord, Psalm 111:2



Emergency Call

By the number of missed calls and voicemails received Somebody just died, it had to be Why else would the calls within the hour be so many Waited till I sat down somewhere to respond Got to get prepared for... Continue Reading →

Perfect Peace

What if the outcome does not favor me? I strongly pondered how unjust it would be Yet while conjuring up the course of remedy You blanketed me in a perfect peace In life there are no guarantees Things don’t always... Continue Reading →

The Church Gave Me A Life

Wanna go to the evening church service I was asked My first response was no, as I had planned to do something else And besides, for decades, I spent nearly every Sunday in church all day My whole life revolved... Continue Reading →

Missing You

We had our battles especially when we first met I didn’t believe your love But as the conversations became longer My trust in you got stronger And I found that you were sincere Even though your actions could be weird... Continue Reading →

Life Can Be Wavy

Life can be wavy Like riding high waves Life can be exhilarating and exciting But sometimes life can be like waves that are low Hitting a shore of problems with nowhere to go No matter what wave size Or what... Continue Reading →

Life After Death

Today I got some exciting news Was about to reach for the phone to share with you Before the number I dialed It sunk in that I could no longer hear your voice or see your smile Your being gone,... Continue Reading →

A Split-Second

In a split-second misfortune came As she went from consciousness to unable to speak her name I witnessed it, the freak accident It’s something one hears about in news or on tv But rarely if ever see In a split... Continue Reading →

Comfort After Death

My first morning glance at the internet website gave me some shockingly sad news One of my favorite TV host of one of my favorite shows had died This was so unexpected to the world as he wasn’t sick or... Continue Reading →

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