Watered Garden

Nothing was there
Turn where?  Only to a prayer
Resources were bare
But God proved He did care
He provided directions
Nutrients, rain, fresh air

And resources started to grow
And before long
They became vibrant and strong
Like a watered garden
Like a spring of water ( Isaiah 58:11) that will never stop flowing
Because Jesus cares, and His love keeps on growing.

Satan You Lied

Satan, you lied
You had me crying and crying
And just about convinced
That it was no use to keep trying
Cause I had reached the end
Worrying was making me sick
As I thought about how much worse it could get

My father kept saying “please don’t give up”
As he inundated me with the word of the Lord
And as I continued to cling to my life and health
God worked things out Himself
I look back and can’t believe
How you had me so deceived

Satan, you lied
But I had two fathers
One on earth and one above
Who showered me with their love
My earthly father kept uplifting me
While my Heavenly Father gave me the victory.

The Strength To Prevail

In my life there came a time
When so much went wrong, and I couldn’t make it right
The more I tried, the more I failed
Yet God game me the strength to prevail

Many nights I cried
This wouldn’t have happened if only I…
But what I failed to understand
Is God knew why
It might have been in His plan

And just as I thought I could take no more
He blessed me beyond what I asked for
I thank God for the strength
He gave me to hold on
Pray and wait on the Lord
He will renew your strength (Isaiah 40:31)
You may be down, things not going well
But God will give you the strength to prevail.