He’s The God Who Keeps On Giving

I was determined to attend this dinner in the community
Not expecting anything, just going out of curiosity
Ended up sitting across from someone
To whom I rattled on and on
About how the resources in the neighborhood were long gone
And no one has stepped up to revive and carry on

Little did I know, the the person I told
Was an organizer and leader
So, the resources I did seek, were sitting across from me
Just when I thought, I’ll never again have that thing
God opened a new an opportunity
As He’s the God who keeps on giving

Before the end, another person passed out a sheet
With a day and time for attendees to meet
To discuss new resources and things to be
Here was the second opportunity
God unexpectedly gave to me

Who is this God who keeps on giving?
This God is I Am that I Am
The God of Jacob, Issac and Abraham (Exodus 3:14-15)
Creator of heaven and earth
The father of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus
He’s the God who keeps on giving.

I Believe God Was Looking Out For Me

I kept seeing the commercials for this new product on TV
The things it could do were amazing to me
It was the right size and pretty, just what I needed
Every day, I would say, I gotta get this thing
But I didn’t have any money
And couldn’t break the current contract I was in

Then, about three weeks later on the news
Came stories of fires and explosions from the product’s usage
It got so bad there was a product recall
Then a warning not to use it at all
So, something I thought I just had to get
Would have caused me much regret
And believe I didn’t have the money
Because God was looking out for me

Sometimes God blocks what we are trying to get
Because He knows what’s in our best interest
I remember I had a prayer request
To be hired at this certain business
It would have been more money, a higher title
There was one obstacle blocking the hire
I prayed fervently for God to grant my desire
But He said it would be denied

A few months later, I read in the paper
Where the business was losing funding that was major
If I would have gotten that job, unemployed I would be
Again, I’m thankful God was looking out for me
When He denied the job I wanted so desperately.

Scripture Reference: Proverbs 3:5, Mark 11:24
The Lord does tell us to pray for what we need. Jesus goes so far as to say whatever we should ask in His name, believe that we will receive it and we will. But there are times when we ask and pray fervently for something and don’t get it. This can cause one to feel all kinds of emotions such as God don’t care, or He is not answering because He is punishing you, or You are not good enough to receive what you are asking for, etc. I have learned that sometimes God doesn’t give us what we want because He knows what we are asking for is not in our best interest to have. I have learned to trust His judgement and not to force something to happen, but to let Him direct my paths.

Jesus Has Healed Me

I opened and closed them ecstatically
Then started rejoicing – there’s movement in the hands!
Without pain I could move them about freely
My strength had returned suddenly
All I can say is Jesus has healed me

For days there was the pain and stiffness
Routine, simple things became difficult tasks
Fingers are such a small body part
Can easily take for granted how important they are
They make possible to do independently so many essential things
Like eating, dressing and keeping up hygiene

So, let me lift these hands in rejoicing (Nehemiah 8:6)
Let me clap them in thanksgiving (Psalm 47:1)
Let me show appreciation with praise
That Jesus has healed me of the stiffness and pain.