God’s Greatnesses And Compassion

Great are the works of the Lord, Psalm 111:2



Be Still, Be Calm, And Know That God Is God

Years ago, at a family funeral Just about everyone was weeping and crying out of control Except two relatives who happened to be the oldest They sat in the front, calm and just about emotionless And It baffled my mind... Continue Reading →

Exam Anxiety

Got exam anxiety Afraid something not good will be discovered I’ve been having symptoms that give me reasons for concern And I also need to replenish some meds I’m anxious to have exam at all But I know early detection... Continue Reading →

Jesus Has Healed Me

I opened and closed them ecstatically Then started rejoicing - there’s movement in the hands! Without pain I could move them about freely My strength had returned suddenly All I can say is Jesus has healed me For days there... Continue Reading →

The Body Is A Temple

Doc asked, how did you consistently get normal BP readings? As to imply from medicine alone this couldn’t have been achieved And while medicine is a necessity So is taking care of the body Like exercising and watching what we... Continue Reading →

Relationship Healing

Today this text came in, a favor they were requesting I gladly granted what they were asking As for them I now have compassion But I remember years ago, When I would have been quick to say no And the... Continue Reading →

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