Science With Compassion

The diagnosis and treatment plan was presented with austerity
When I suggested an alternative natural remedy,
“You’ll still be sick” was said arrogantly
Well, I knew a second opinion was a must
Someone so rash, how could I trust

So, I reached out to two more medical professionals
And both confirmed the scientific diagnosis of the first
But they explained all the treatment pros and cons patiently
And put my mind at ease

Healing is a process
It takes prayers of course, but in science we also need to rely
But science is not enough
Healing requires compassion and love
As Jesus demonstrated to the crowds as He traveled forth 1
We heal better, when we know someone cares for us.

Scripture reference:
1 Matthew 14:14, And Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion.

Jesus Has Healed Me

I opened and closed them ecstatically
Then started rejoicing – there’s movement in the hands!
Without pain I could move them about freely
My strength had returned suddenly
All I can say is Jesus has healed me

For days there was the pain and stiffness
Routine, simple things became difficult tasks
Fingers are such a small body part
Can easily take for granted how important they are
They make possible to do independently so many essential things
Like eating, dressing and keeping up hygiene

So, let me lift these hands in rejoicing (Nehemiah 8:6)
Let me clap them in thanksgiving (Psalm 47:1)
Let me show appreciation with praise
That Jesus has healed me of the stiffness and pain.