He’s The God Who Keeps On Giving

I was determined to attend this dinner in the community
Not expecting anything, just going out of curiosity
Ended up sitting across from someone
To whom I rattled on and on
About how the resources in the neighborhood were long gone
And no one has stepped up to revive and carry on

Little did I know, the the person I told
Was an organizer and leader
So, the resources I did seek, were sitting across from me
Just when I thought, I’ll never again have that thing
God opened a new an opportunity
As He’s the God who keeps on giving

Before the end, another person passed out a sheet
With a day and time for attendees to meet
To discuss new resources and things to be
Here was the second opportunity
God unexpectedly gave to me

Who is this God who keeps on giving?
This God is I Am that I Am
The God of Jacob, Issac and Abraham (Exodus 3:14-15)
Creator of heaven and earth
The father of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus
He’s the God who keeps on giving.