God’s Greatnesses And Compassion

Great are the works of the Lord, Psalm 111:2


Christian poetry

God’s Bountiful Blessings

Looking in the garden made me think Look how much food is coming up! Just from one little plant We can feed several families Another example of God’s generosity Ask God for one thing and He gives several things He... Continue Reading →

Against The Odds

You should have been withered and gone The elements that nurture you have moved on But you are vibrant and standing strong So why are you lasting so long? Even your color hasn’t changed Is all this strange? Or is... Continue Reading →

Jesus Is The Light Of The World

A Comforter

Go After Opportunity

Don’t Worry

Grace…One More Time

My bad decision could have in seconds caused major devastation But God showed grace and didn’t let it lead to a situation Grace…one more time The Lord overlooked my life changing mistake Proving that God is compassionate, God is great.... Continue Reading →

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