When Will Enough be Enough

When will enough be enough?
Pray every day that this problem will go away
But it seems like it will stay
It plagues me night and day
How much more can I take?

Doesn’t God hear me? Doesn’t He care?
Sure He does
He said He won’t put more on me than I can bear (1 Corinthians 10:13)
He knows when enough is enough
So hang on in there.


I feel fine, as well as can be
But that wasn’t always the case with me
I remember praying day and evening
For the Lord to bless me with His healing
Singing the words of Jerimiah 17:14

Doctors had said they couldn’t help me
That was news I couldn’t believe
No medicine, procedure, or surgery
Existed that could help me

This happened a few years ago
Today I happened to take a few minutes to give God thanks
I must admit I don’t pray as hard as I used to pray
But I never want to forget
What a merciful healing miracle for me He did
I couldn’t afford to leave work on disability
I begged that God miraculously heal me

Lord, I pause today to say thanks
And please extend your healing powers to others today
Who are not well or are in pain
What doctors and medicine can’t do
Can still be healed by You.