God's Greatness And Compasssion

Poetic expressions of thanks & praises to the Lord

A Burst of God’s Love

Supply Us This Day Our Daily Needs

Whether with bread or leaves God takes care of all His beings He created food chains So that every creature can be sustained So whether it’s food or something else I have a God who cares And like the giraffe... Continue Reading →

Fresh Mercy

God Forgives

Great Plains, Great God

Space for the roaming animals is plenty As the plains stretch into infinity The backdrop of the hills and sky blend majestically And creates a testament to God’s artistry I look around and am amazed Why are the plains so... Continue Reading →

Uneventful Night

When my eyes open and I see Everything the same as before I went to sleep I say I’ve been granted another blessing Of an uneventful night while resting For when we sleep we don’t have a clue Of our... Continue Reading →


When I was younger I didn’t think nothing of forgetting stuff from time to time But with age, remembering stuff starts to decline So, when the papers I had carefully put away I couldn’t find I started to panic that... Continue Reading →


When the time is quiet and thoughts are few Let my mind reflect on You Not just on who You are But on all the great things You do Your word instructs us to be holy I can strive, but... Continue Reading →

Summer Breezes

It’s a few days past June The humidity high, temperature over 90 degrees Don’t get many days like this so I should be pleased After all it beats cold and snow But it feels so miserable And sweat is pouring... Continue Reading →

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