How Has God Been Great This Week?

God is able to do great thing He is compassionate and does great things for those who ask through prayer


Dance to celebrate answered prayers Dance to relieve your cares Dance to give the Lord praise Dance by letting your feet and body sway Dance like David with all your might (2 Samuel 6:14) Dance all through the night Be... Continue Reading →

A Split-Second

In a split-second misfortune came As she went from consciousness to unable to speak her name I witnessed it, the freak accident It’s something one hears about in news or on tv But rarely if ever see In a split... Continue Reading →

Jesus Walks with Me

As I stare at the body of water I imagine Jesus walking on it towards me Like He did with the disciples and then calmed the sea While seeing Jesus in physical form is imaginary His actual existence and walking... Continue Reading →

O Taste And See

God has been good to me That’s my testimony, my life story Through many trials and difficulties He’s come to the rescue, just in time of need O taste and see, He is sweet And I’ll trust Him in everything.... Continue Reading →


How much do you really trust God? It may be easy to say until faced with a difficult reality I was recently convicted of a lack of trust I had just talked about how God would provide comfort after death... Continue Reading →

Supper With Jesus

Jesus said He stands at the door and knocks And He will come in and sup with whoever hears his voice (Revelation 3:20) If He was still in physical form among us I would love to sit down and have... Continue Reading →

Comfort After Death

My first morning glance at the internet website gave me some shockingly sad news One of my favorite TV host of one of my favorite shows had died This was so unexpected to the world as he wasn’t sick or... Continue Reading →

180 Degrees

Last night in bed I was literally praying out loud Seems like this problem would never itself work out I know to keep faith and not doubt But this lingering problem was wearing me down This afternoon life did 180... Continue Reading →


The checks I earned were not adding up I wanted to make that purchase but didn’t have enough Even though the Bible says ask and ye shall receive I didn’t pray about it because item wasn’t a necessity As it... Continue Reading →

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