God's Greatness And Compasssion

God is able to do great thing He is compassionate and does great things for those who ask through prayer

Let Your Word And Spirit Ignite Me

To spread like fire the works of your great majesty You can bring light like the fire in the night To do away with the darkness in life The warmth from your heart exceeds any fire’s temperature As your tender... Continue Reading →

Against The Odds

You should have been withered and gone The elements that nurture you have moved on But you are vibrant and standing strong So why are you lasting so long? Even your color hasn’t changed Is all this strange? Or is... Continue Reading →


2018 Another year the Lord has created Let us rejoice and start celebrating A fresh start the Lord has gave us Some of us made resolutions to alter our ways Some are looking forward to major change Like a new... Continue Reading →

Jesus Is The Bread Of Life

Jesus Will Accept All Who Come

Jesus Is The Savior

Jesus Is The Light Of The World

Jesus Is A Miracle Worker

Truth And Grace

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