God's Greatness And Compasssion

Poetic expressions of thanks & praises to the Lord

The Ultimate Position

It was so exciting initially Was frequently asked in 5 years where do you want to be? Not sure, maybe in the position that is above me Just continue to work hard and see The myth of the future was... Continue Reading →

Thanks For Determination

Well, the results were far worse than I was expecting Major action is needed immediately Or other negative things will start happening It’s going to be a long hard road to improving But I can’t sit here and start worrying... Continue Reading →

A Better Way of Eating

I didn’t eat it But it was hard to resist My body wanted to take that kitchen trip But the food I could stand to miss Not that it was bad, it’s just not in the best interest for me... Continue Reading →

God Was Looking Out for Me

So, I kept seeing the commercials for this new product on TV The things it could do were amazing to me It was the right size and pretty, just what I needed Every day, I would say, I gotta get... Continue Reading →

Diffuse The Situation

It’s tense observing the tempers flare to a high degree Too dangerous to intervene Strangers to me, but to themselves friends and family Not sure what best course of action should be Just pray it will end quickly All I... Continue Reading →

To Praise From Pity

Sometimes my mind focuses on what I don’t have Or on all the fun that I’m missing out on But that perspective changes for me When I walk down certain streets And the plight of others I see Some may... Continue Reading →

Wait and Listen

So, I thought about starting a new thing It would have put me in a position of leading With fine detail I thought about how it I would be implementing As the date to start it was approaching And was... Continue Reading →

Still Reasons To Give God Praise

I was able to go to church and get in my praise But I can’t do anything else I planned today The body won’t cooperate I now understand the Scriptures in James (4:14) Do what you can each day As... Continue Reading →

A Place for Me

Somewhere there’s a place for me Where trouble would have ceased Right now it’s just a dream But God can make it a reality A place for me Where sunshine is all I’ll see Can roam carelessly in the streets... Continue Reading →

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