God's Greatness And Compasssion

Poetic expressions of thanks & praises to the Lord

A Place for Me

Somewhere there’s a place for me Where trouble would have ceased Right now it’s just a dream But God can make it a reality A place for me Where sunshine is all I’ll see Can roam carelessly in the streets... Continue Reading →

Financial Blessings

Just paid all the monthly utility bills To some, it seems like no big deal But to me it is Lord not only now You are providing But You have blessed me financially down through the years I remember one... Continue Reading →

As the hart panteth after the water brook

So my heart pant eth after You To hear Thy voice, feel Thy presence To lift my hands up to heaven And praise You in effervescence Like the water that sustain the greenery I pray You sustain me And forever... Continue Reading →

A Special Meal

No special china or table settings Just simple food I’m expecting It’s not a special occasion or a holiday Yet, I’m excited about this meal today As I get to see ones for a while, I haven’t seen And that... Continue Reading →

From Calamity to Calm

So many things to do From planning on how to make them happen To paying for them too The build-up in my mind and body Puts me on the verge of calamity So I ask, God, why does everything fall... Continue Reading →

On the road to…

Victory, recovery, whatever it may be With God’s help , triumph I will see As He give me strength to defeat What ever tries to stop me My future will be vibrant as green shrubbery I’ll stand tall as the... Continue Reading →

Wise Counsel

Something about an asset of mine was just discovered So, I quickly started to think, is this an asset I should keep Seems like in the long run, I would lose my money But how can I dispose of this... Continue Reading →

The Estimate

Saved up for this day Knew a lot I would have to pay The approximate amount I did calculate So I drive it in for the estimate And from the sighs of the service man’s face The estimate would be... Continue Reading →

The Lord Sits High, But Looks Low

From the heaven to the valley Everyone the Lord hears and sees The population can never exceed His ability To be in tune to each of our needs Lord, You’re so high, I’m so low But the separation is invisible... Continue Reading →

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