Today the preacher talked about God’s grace and mercy
As he was speaking, I thought about how the message applied to me
I can relate to the fact that as hard as you may pray
God may not take your problem away
But sufficient is His grace

Like Paul, there’s a thorn in my life
And I’ve prayed for it’s removal night and day
And while God hasn’t taken the thorn away
He’s supplied me with His grace
As He gives me strength to deal with it each day

And like the preacher said, God’s help is always on time
Several times I felt I could have lost my mind
And just as I thought not much more I can take
Out of nowhere God sent temporary relief
Just in time for me to kept my sanity

And I can’t forget the time when an employer wanted to fire me
But before it happened, God opened a new opportunity
I can go on and on about God’s grace and mercy in my life
Sometimes He doesn’t remove the thorn
But helps you endure or adjust to the trial
His grace is sufficient like He told Paul
Eventually He’ll allow you see
What you asked for, you really didn’t need
Cause His grace is sufficient for thee.

Scripture Reference
2 Corinthians 12:7 – 10