Not from a close knit family
Many who loved now gone on to glory
But when I feel dejected or lonely
God does something special to comfort me
It’s like no matter the billions of people in society
God still gives special attention to me

Whether it’s late at night
Or early in the day
He’s available to hear what I got to say
When I have to walk alone
I feel His spirit besides me
It makes me think
Whom am I that Thou art mindful of me? (Psalm 8:4)

When I’m lonely, He sends company
When I feel I can’t go on, He gives me a boost of energy
When I’m not feeling well, He miraculously heals me
When unexpected bills come, from nowhere comes money
When bad memories come to my mind
My brain over powers them with thoughts of the good times
For now and ever, thank You Lord for Your tender mercies
Thanks for giving special attention to me.