God’s Greatnesses And Compassion

Poetic expressions on God's greatness and compassion



God Can Handle Weigh More Than Me

Several folks told me this week of problems in their families At one point I started to feel the weight of so much sad news mentality I looked to the Lord and He reminded me These burdens are for Him,... Continue Reading →


After the heated exchange I worried if a positive relationship would remain During the weekend, did no fun things Just spent time worrying Never mind Jesus said don’t worry (Matthew 6:34) Didn’t think about how the Lord would fight for... Continue Reading →

No Worries

Don’t know what’s around corner Like we don’t know what the future may bring But we do know God can take care of whatever we need (Matthew 6:32) Jesus said worries are sufficient for today ( Matthew 6:34) God will... Continue Reading →

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