God’s Greatnesses And Compassion

Great are the works of the Lord, Psalm 111:2



God Can Handle Weigh More Than Me

Several folks told me this week of problems in their families At one point I started to feel the weight of so much sad news mentality I looked to the Lord and He reminded me These burdens are for Him,... Continue Reading →


After the heated exchange I worried if a positive relationship would remain During the weekend, did no fun things Just spent time worrying Never mind Jesus said don’t worry (Matthew 6:34) Didn’t think about how the Lord would fight for... Continue Reading →

No Worries

Don’t know what’s around corner Like we don’t know what the future may bring But we do know God can take care of whatever we need (Matthew 6:32) Jesus said worries are sufficient for today ( Matthew 6:34) God will... Continue Reading →

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