When I was younger I didn’t think nothing of forgetting stuff from time to time
But with age, remembering stuff starts to decline
So, when the papers I had carefully put away I couldn’t find
I started to panic that the disease was starting to claim my mind

As I frantically looked for the papers up and down the stairs
Fear creeped in that someone to take over for me wasn’t there
So, after sitting down for a while, I again traced my steps
I looked closer at the place where I put the papers originally
Them I still didn’t see, but this plastic bag jumped out at me
Why was it there I asked curiously?
When I opened it up, inside were the papers that I did seek

So, while I thank God my ability to remember is still intact
I temporarily didn’t remember some important facts
That fear and panic, was able to attack
Because I didn’t remember that God will always have my back
I didn’t remember mercy and care He doesn’t lack
And if needed, He will send someone to take up my slack
Isaiah 49:15 says the Lord will never forget me—I should remember that.


Scripture Reference: Deuteronomy 31:8, Isaiah 49:15, Psalm 136:1
Even young people forget stuff from time to time, so not remembering something isn’t necessarily the onset of a disease for an older person. It’s natural for the mind and brain to be less sharp as we grow older, just as it’s natural for the body to decline physically. But fear and panic can easily set in and make things worse than they are. Fear makes you lose focus that God will always have your back no matter what circumstance you are in. Deuteronomy says God will never leave or forsake us and Isaiah 49:15 says God can’t forget us because His mercy for us endues forever.

Summer Breezes

It’s a few days past June
The humidity high, temperature over 90 degrees
Don’t get many days like this so I should be pleased
After all it beats cold and snow
But it feels so miserable
And sweat is pouring out of me
Even with no physical activity

But every now and then God sends a cool summer breeze
Which my skin looks so forward to receive
Sure I have the cool from electrical devices
But air from them don’t feel as nice
God’s breeze makes you wanna stand still in its midst
As the cool lingers on your skin
Not to mention it’s free
Another example of His mercy
Lord, thanks for sending the summer breezes.


Scripture Reference: Psalm 24:10, 2 Corinthians 1:3


The earth is the Lord’s, as Psalm 24:10 says, and He can make it very hot or cold; and there is nothing anybody can do about the temperature. But if the weather or anything else gets too uncomfortable for us, the Lord extends His mercies and makes provision to provide relief like 2 Corinthians 1:3 says. When God gives, He gives his best. His fresh air feels so much better than a fan or air conditioner. Fresh air makes you want to sit outside and enjoy the rest of the Lord’s creations such as the sun, grass, etc.

Diffuse The Situation

It’s tense observing the tempers flare to a high degree
Too dangerous to intervene
Strangers to me, but to themselves friends and family
Not sure what best course of action should be
Just pray it will end quickly

All I think about is why the escalation
Knowing the consequences can be total devastation
Don’t want to read the results in the papers
But from my observation
The members are trying to diffuse the situation

After minutes of intense and fearful waiting
And praying, assessing and debating
Whether to seek intervention professionally
The members were able to make the confrontation cease
So what could have in a split second became a tragedy
From something that seemed so petty
Was able to end peacefully
Thank you Jesus.

Scripture Reference: 1 Kings 3:16-28
Tough decisions. We all have to make them at one point in life. It is an especially tough decision when looking at a fast escalating, potentially dangerous situation among folk who are strangers to you, but are family and friends amongst themselves. You need a wise, fast decision on whether to call authorities. Solomon wanted wisdom from the Lord more than anything else as he wanted to make good judgement in ruling and dealing with the people. Good judgement is essential in everyday life. For example, sometimes we have to make split second decisions when driving a car on a highway as the wrong decision can have devastating results. The good news is that God can answer prayers in split seconds and will always lead us to the right decision. Thank you Lord for always being on time in critical situations.