It’s a few days past June
The humidity high, temperature over 90 degrees
Don’t get many days like this so I should be pleased
After all it beats cold and snow
But it feels so miserable
And sweat is pouring out of me
Even with no physical activity

But every now and then God sends a cool summer breeze
Which my skin looks so forward to receive
Sure I have the cool from electrical devices
But air from them don’t feel as nice
God’s breeze makes you wanna stand still in its midst
As the cool lingers on your skin
Not to mention it’s free
Another example of His mercy
Lord, thanks for sending the summer breezes.


Scripture Reference: Psalm 24:10, 2 Corinthians 1:3


The earth is the Lord’s, as Psalm 24:10 says, and He can make it very hot or cold; and there is nothing anybody can do about the temperature. But if the weather or anything else gets too uncomfortable for us, the Lord extends His mercies and makes provision to provide relief like 2 Corinthians 1:3 says. When God gives, He gives his best. His fresh air feels so much better than a fan or air conditioner. Fresh air makes you want to sit outside and enjoy the rest of the Lord’s creations such as the sun, grass, etc.