From Calamity to Calm

So many things to do
From planning on how to make them happen
To paying for them too
The build-up in my mind and body
Puts me on the verge of calamity
So I ask, God, why does everything fall on me?

And He answers me
You’d rather not have the capability to lead?
You’d rather not have resources others need?
Calm down and accept the responsibility
You make things worse by worrying

So once the calmness got into me, I started to change the way I think
Rather than complaining, I started thanking
Thanks Lord for my capabilities
Due to worry, sometimes trouble is not real, just perceived
And then thanks that You will help me deal with any thing
From calamity to calm You did bring.

Scripture Reference: Mark 4:37-41

Life can seem overwhelming sometimes when there is so much to do and you have to take the lead in seeing to it being done. It can also seem overbearing when many folks come to you for money. But would you rather not have money? Would you rather not have the mind and capability to lead people? What seems like a burden can actually be a blessing because God has thought so much of you, that He’s trusted you with resources and decisions. He will give you calmness and support when it is needed just like Jesus calmed the sea in Mark 37-41.

Tomorrow…The Hope for Today

Tears fell all day
And continue into night on the bed you lay
Thinking of the harshness life brought your way
So what hope is there you say…?
It’s a new day God will make
On tomorrow things can change
On tomorrow, His miracle can bring what you prayed
On tomorrow, God can open the happy gates
Tomorrow—the hope for today

Lord, thanks for hope, it allows us to wait
Thanks for tomorrow, your mercies are new each day
When the night gives way to day light
It brings fresh chances to see God work His might
He can make the tears dry
He can make the wrong right
In a matter of hours things can be okay
Lord, thanks for tomorrow… it’s the hope for today.

Scripture Reference: Psalms 30:5, Lamentations 3:22-23

I remember the time in my life when things were so bad I would cry myself to sleep. The only thing that kept me going was the unknown of tomorrow—just wait until tomorrow. Maybe that thing we were waiting for will come tomorrow. Maybe the problem will be resolved tomorrow. Maybe joy will come tomorrow like Psalms 30:5 says. Lamentations 3:22-23 says God always has compassion for us and grants us new mercies every day. That’s hope—knowing that God can deliver on tomorrow.

Someone for Me

Everyone has a friend or family it seems
But nothing for me
Somewhere it’s gotta be someone for me
And alone again I will never be
Forever dwell in their company

I wanna go here, I wanna go there
But it wouldn’t be fun by myself
The experience need to be shared
Need to talk about what was seen, felt
Like the body, the mind needs to exhale

If someone new I meet
Let not my mind dwell on past negativity
It can cause pre-judging
And mar any beauty to be seen
And possibly the reversion to being lonely

You said ask and one should receive
If they only believe
Let me not be embarrassed or care what others think
And I pray for what I need
Lord, thanks for encouraging me
To pray for an end to being lonely

Scripture Reference: Genesis 2:18, Matthew 7:7
 God put the ability for us to feel loneliness because He said in Genesis 2:18 that it is not good to be alone. Life is no fun alone as you need someone to talk to and share life events with. There is nothing wrong with praying specifically for the person you would like to spend your life with as Matthew 7:7 encourages us to ask for what we want and believe that we will receive it.