God’s Greatnesses And Compassion

Great are the works of the Lord, Psalm 111:2


Inspirational Message

In Everything Give Thanks

Expected to get back from an errand in time to see the news But car wouldn’t start leaving me stuck unexpectedly With the windows rolled down and inside exposed I could have gotten upset, but I found reasons to give... Continue Reading →

Reflecting On “Unanswered” Prayers

I was reflecting on how hard I prayed for my spouse to get a job Household expenses were increasing year after year It would be great to have financial help But a job never came despite of how hard I... Continue Reading →

Against The Odds

You should have been withered and gone The elements that nurture you have moved on But you are vibrant and standing strong So why are you lasting so long? Even your color hasn’t changed Is all this strange? Or is... Continue Reading →

Jesus Is A Miracle Worker

Truth And Grace

Our Next Home

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

With God All Things Are Possible


Some things are too burdensome for one But with a team, they can get done The Word gives us heed To bear one another’s burden with deeds Comfort each other in need And Jesus did say He’s in the midst... Continue Reading →

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