Reflecting On “Unanswered” Prayers

I was reflecting on how hard I prayed for my spouse to get a job
Household expenses were increasing year after year
It would be great to have financial help
But a job never came despite of how hard I prayed
I got tired of praying about it
It’s not that I gave up on God
It’s that I was just worn out

As I started to accept the circumstances
The Lord allowed my income to increase
Such that my spouse’s job wasn’t even needed
It reminded me of the scripture
I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread (Psalm 37:25)
The Lord had already provided the income for which I prayed

You may pray long and hard
And don’t think that God will answer
And sometimes He doesn’t answer directly
Or the way we expect
But take a moment to reflect
If He has already answered your prayers and you don’t realize it yet?



This weeks praise expression focuses on unanswered prayers. After all, if God is so compassionate, why doesn’t He answer every prayer. There are several answers. It could be that what we are praying for is not in our best interest; as God can see into the future and we can’t. He doesn’t give it to us because what we are praying for can cause harm later on.

Or it could be that he has something better for us. The Bible states that God gives us good gifts (Matthew 7:11 )and all good and perfect comes from Him (James 1:17). He might deny us one thing to only bless us with something bigger and better later on.

And still yet, they are prayers that God never answers or does He? If we take time to reflect and what we’ve asked Him for we may discover that He has already answered our prayer but not the way we wanted Him to.