Clothed and In My Right Mind

Sometimes it drifts back in time
And I have to snap it back into the reality of today
As I know it can become a fine line
Of what’s been, what’s real, and what’s just imagined

Sometimes I wonder how I did I survive
What kept me sane during such emotional pain
Then time after time, myself I had to remind
It was the Lord’s grace that kept me clothed and in my right mind

Just one bad experience can cause a detrimental mental change
As the mind is fragile and can break under strain
Or a series of negative events
Can dominate the mind to constantly replay them
Negative thoughts of the past can stifle progress of today
As the feelings of “it’s no use trying” can make you lose faith
That you can overcome or do something great
So, press forward and put negative thoughts behind
And thank God for being clothed and in your right mind

Scripture Reference Mark 5:15
I used to think clothed and in my right mind was just an old saying, but it is based on actual Biblical events leading up to Mark 5:15. Who hasn’t said at one point in their life “I’m going crazy” or I’m about to lose my mind”. The reality is, losing it is easier than you think, even if it’s just temporarily. For example, when driving, and someone cuts you off, you can end up doing and saying things in a flash, that you wouldn’t ordinarily do or say. So, I know longer see the phrase as just some old saying, I learned to thank God that I’m clothed and in my right mind.

Tomorrow…The Hope for Today

Tears fell all day
And continue into night on the bed you lay
Thinking of the harshness life brought your way
So what hope is there you say…?
It’s a new day God will make
On tomorrow things can change
On tomorrow, His miracle can bring what you prayed
On tomorrow, God can open the happy gates
Tomorrow—the hope for today

Lord, thanks for hope, it allows us to wait
Thanks for tomorrow, your mercies are new each day
When the night gives way to day light
It brings fresh chances to see God work His might
He can make the tears dry
He can make the wrong right
In a matter of hours things can be okay
Lord, thanks for tomorrow… it’s the hope for today.

Scripture Reference: Psalms 30:5, Lamentations 3:22-23

I remember the time in my life when things were so bad I would cry myself to sleep. The only thing that kept me going was the unknown of tomorrow—just wait until tomorrow. Maybe that thing we were waiting for will come tomorrow. Maybe the problem will be resolved tomorrow. Maybe joy will come tomorrow like Psalms 30:5 says. Lamentations 3:22-23 says God always has compassion for us and grants us new mercies every day. That’s hope—knowing that God can deliver on tomorrow.

If I Fall…

In this earthly life there are trials and falls
I’d rather not go through one at all
But if I do, Lord help me to
Not panic or have a fit
But remain as cool as a waterfall’s mist

Knowing that You will see me through
And when You do
Let me come back robust, running , and standing tall
Just like a waterfall.

Scripture reference – Isaiah 55:7