God’s Greatnesses And Compassion

Great are the works of the Lord, Psalm 111:2


Christian Devotionals

Love The Lord Your God

Walk In The Light With God

Uneventful Night

When my eyes open and I see Everything the same as before I went to sleep I say I’ve been granted another blessing Of an uneventful night while resting For when we sleep we don’t have a clue Of our... Continue Reading →

Diffuse The Situation

It’s tense observing the tempers flare to a high degree Too dangerous to intervene Strangers to me, but to themselves friends and family Not sure what best course of action should be Just pray it will end quickly All I... Continue Reading →

Wait and Listen

So, I thought about starting a new thing It would have put me in a position of leading With fine detail I thought about how it I would be implementing As the date to start it was approaching And was... Continue Reading →

A Place for Me

Somewhere there’s a place for me Where trouble would have ceased Right now it’s just a dream But God can make it a reality A place for me Where sunshine is all I’ll see Can roam carelessly in the streets... Continue Reading →

Financial Blessings

Just paid all the monthly utility bills To some, it seems like no big deal But to me it is Lord not only now You are providing But You have blessed me financially down through the years I remember one... Continue Reading →

A Special Meal

No special china or table settings Just simple food I’m expecting It’s not a special occasion or a holiday Yet, I’m excited about this meal today As I get to see ones for a while, I haven’t seen And that... Continue Reading →

From Calamity to Calm

So many things to do From planning on how to make them happen To paying for them too The build-up in my mind and body Puts me on the verge of calamity So I ask, God, why does everything fall... Continue Reading →

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