The Estimate

Saved up for this day
Knew a lot I would have to pay
The approximate amount I did calculate
So I drive it in for the estimate
And from the sighs of the service man’s face
The estimate would be a lot more than what I saved
He told me he’d get more details and to wait
I told him I would start to pray

Afterwards he calls me to look at this detailed paper
And sure enough the amount far exceeded what I saved for
He then tells me I can get it done with little money
As I should get a forgiveness from the company
I didn’t go there initially
As damage was caused by me

Can’t worry about the future of my name
Cause my wallet can’t take the pain
So reluctantly to the company I honestly explained
And they quickly set up a claim

And in the end, I had to pay
Far less than the estimate
And all I can do is exclaim
Thanks and praises in Jesus name

Scripture Reference: Ephesians 3:20-21

Not only can God bless, He can bless beyond what we expect. I had prayed my estimate would be no more than the money I had saved for. But the service man said it would be much higher. While this was a setback, it was very temporary. The serviceman went on to explain on how this should be a claim. So, after filing the claim, I ended up paying far less than what I saved for. God not only answered my prayer, he blessed me exceedingly, abundantly beyond my expectation like the Scriptures in Ephesians 3:20-21 says He can.