In The Arms Of The Lord

In the arms of the Lord I want to be
He’ll provide comfort and peace
In the arms of the Lord I want to stay
I’ll be safe from any harm that comes my way

Life can bring troubles hard to bear
But Jesus can handle them, for He cares
When nothing goes right or as planned
And pressures start to mount too fast
In the arms of the Lord I want to crawl
He provides comfort from it all

Nothing’s too hard for Him, He reminds me
And He’ll work it out the way it should be
So, I’ll just relax and worry no more
I’ll be alright in the arms of the Lord.

Hold On To The Dream

Hold on to the dream
As impossible as it may seem
to come true
Without vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29:18)

Even though the odds seem insurmountable
Jesus said with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26)
Continue to work very hard
Pray, your efforts will be blessed by God

It’s easier to give up
But you’ve come to far
One day, it’s got to pay
God will bless in His own time and way
To the faith cling
And hold on to the dream.

Worry Free

There was this county event that lasted for several weeks

And I was unsettled the way things had ended one night

I asked myself, how can the officials not see

That’s not how things  ought to be

I ignored Luke 12:22-28 totally

Where Jesus talks about not worrying

He clearly explains life and other things

can be beyond our ability to change

Yet, we worry anyway


And then in the following week

Everything worked out the way I thought it should be

I had spent that night with no sleep

Worrying for absolutely nothing

In the future when worrying wants to consume me

I’ll meditate on Jesus words of being worry free.


Scripture reference-Luke 12:22-28