As I watch the Olympic games in Rio
I thought about who in my life deserves the gold
Which flag of dominance should be raised
Which world anthem should be played
Who to me, is the MVP?

It would be the one who Trained me for a lifetime
To Run through the hurdles of life to the finish line
To Wrestle negative thoughts away
To Box the devil out of my place
To Jump on good opportunities
To Sail on until I accomplish my dreams
To Swim away from what’s troubling me
All the while, keeping me in His protective Rings

Yes the Lord Almighty, Jesus Christ the King, is my MVP
And while on the cereal box His picture won’t be
I endorse Him for everything wholeheartedly
The flames of love for Him will burn continuously

Scripture Reference: Isaiah 41:10

In many of our lives there is a dominant one who provides the most encouragement and support in whatever we do. In my life that dominant one happens to be the Lord. He is my most valuable player and if I could give Him a gold medal I would. But I can raise my hands and wave them like a flag as I worship Him and recognize Him as number one. In Isaiah 41:10, the Lord gives assurance on how He will provide strength and help. And how He will uphold us and keep us.