What a year 2020 been shaping up to be
With stuff happening that usually only happens in the movies
From record deaths from a mystery disease
To record protests over police brutality
Never seen up close fires and looting in the city
On this weekend, it was no such thing as an emergency
Calls to 911 went unanswered as Police and Fire were so busy
All you could do was pray for your safety
As there was no where to run, mayhem was all over country

It got to the point where I asked myself if I wanna live long enough to see this again
Then, I was reminded of the words of Job
Shall we just receive good from the hands of a God and not bad (Job 2:10)
And besides, through all this God is keeping us
Didn’t He keep the disease away
While parts of the city burned, didn’t He keep us safe
We’ve missed no meals, got essentially what we need
No matter what happens in the world
God’s been our refuse and fortress (Psalm 91:2)
God is keeping us.