Before The pandemic made us shelter in place

I usually sought out stuff with which to participate or be entertained

Thought it was needed for a healthy mind to be sustained

As socialization and entertainment help relieve stress and strain


I would say If it wasn’t for these activities to do or events to attend

So boring would be the time I spend

Idle time would let negative thoughts creep in

Like thinking on past mistakes or some type of sin


And now that in-person recreation and entertainment has disappeared

God has let me know the real sustainer is Him

He is providing everything I need

And showing me other ways to occupy my mind and keep busy

And I’m still connected to thing I used to do

Thanks to new online avenues


It reminds me of the words in Psalm 37:25

…I have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread…

Stuff I thought was keeping me, were a false sense of security

It is God that keeps,  He’s the real sustainer of my needs.