At the gathering, during the time of remarks
I was going to tell the whole story
The sad, the rocky, everything
I was going to talk about the overcoming and going on to do amazing things
I thought by telling my story, I’d get glory
Because I’d emphasize the overcoming

But before I told my story, the Lord put some words in me
You’re telling this story, but haven’t checked with the family
Bad feelings towards you this may leave
And your story will cause others to live the past unnecessarily
His words caused me to think and meditate
Telling my story to all is not so great,
And who told me to tell everything anyway?
I remembered the scripture those that exalt them selves shall be abased (Matthew 23:12)

So when the time came to say something
I said nothing, as I would have had a lot to regret
A famous person once said “ some things are better not said”
Thanks Lord for giving me restraint.

Think before you speak.  Know your audience before you speak. Some things may need to be told, but be careful who you tell them to.  And make sure you are telling it to benefit them and not you.