Give Up

Hour glass representing times up

I’ve been at this for months
It’s a project to give praise to the Lord
But only a few people have I been able to touch
I want to reach many so much
But feel my efforts are for naught
So, when do I shut this thing down and give up?

Just as I thought to give up, I hear the Spirit’s voice
You give up when you can’t do it no more
When all mental and physical energy are gone
God will provide ideas and strength to move along
Don’t worry about numbers touched
Heaven will rejoice over just one (Luke 15:7)
So be not weary in well doing (Galatians 6:9)
God will give the increase in due season. (1 Corinthians 3:6)

Author: Gods Greatness And Compassion

God has done great things for me. He's shown enormous compassion in my life. I want to thank and praise Him with this site

One thought on “Give Up”

  1. Don’t give up…there’s no telling who is reading, and learning, and smiling, and being touched by your words. We don’t always comment because we may just be taking it in, unaware that a response holds much value…because the value is in the message you share. Thank you for putting in the time…Russell


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