God’s Greatnesses And Compassion

Great are the works of the Lord, Psalm 111:2



Special Attention

Not from a close knit family Many who loved now gone on to glory But when I feel dejected or lonely God does something special to comfort me It’s like no matter the billions of people in society God still... Continue Reading →

Give God Some Honor

“Give me some honor” I heard the voice of God say Why did He have to tell me anyway? For all He’s done, I owe Him much praise As I was doing some decorating I started contemplating Should I hang... Continue Reading →


Dance to celebrate answered prayers Dance to relieve your cares Dance to give the Lord praise Dance by letting your feet and body sway Dance like David with all your might (2 Samuel 6:14) Dance all through the night Be... Continue Reading →

Feeling So Blessed Today

Feeling so blessed today Got what I need Most of what I want Not enough thanks I can say Not enough praise I can give To thank the Lord for all His goodness I just be in awe and wonder... Continue Reading →

Unto Thee O God Do We Give Thanks

Unto thee O God do we give thanks (Psalm 75:1) This is the beginning of my favorite Psalm Many times I wanna say thanks to God, But I don’t know quite what to say But when I start to read... Continue Reading →

To Praise From Pity

Sometimes my mind focuses on what I don’t have Or on all the fun that I’m missing out on But that perspective changes for me When I walk down certain streets And the plight of others I see Some may... Continue Reading →

Still Reasons To Give God Praise

I was able to go to church and get in my praise But I can’t do anything else I planned today The body won’t cooperate I now understand the Scriptures in James (4:14) Do what you can each day As... Continue Reading →

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