Who Can Answer The Why?

I followed good dietary and exercise regimen so why did I get sick?

I was a nice, sociable person, so why did I end up alone?

I taught good morals and values so why did they go astray?

I abided in the law, so why crime targeted me?

I was a good employee, why did my income flee?

Who can answer for life’s tragedies?

Not the most prolific preachers or learned theologians 

Have been able to answer the why

Some have suggested, why not you

But if we are honest, no one wants to have to ask why

No one wants pain in their lives

To certain sins, they can’t be tied

Because in forgiveness of sins God specializes (Isaiah 1:18)

While no one can answer the why, everyone can answer the what

In spite of the why, there is something we are all thankful for

When my mind wants to linger on the why

I try to switch it to focus on the what I still have 

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says In every situation give thanks 

Then there’s The Who

God is the only one who can answer the why, as He is omniscient (1 John 3:30)

But He may choose not to reveal it

And from the why, He may not deliver 

But He will give you a peace beyond understanding to deal with it (Philippians 4:7).

Saying It Kind

If at you is hurled rudeness 
Or, you’ve been on edge for some time 
Or, to someone you need to constructively criticize 
In human nature, you’d like to say first thing comes to mind 
Without having considered the effects bad words will leave behind 
Before saying them, think if the words are kind

If the words will be brash and bold
It’s not a response, but a scold
The wrong words can cause a relationship to fold
And the rift may grow old
So, before speaking, take a little time 
To think about saying it kind
And the regret for hurting one won’t be on your mind

Saying it kind, doesn’t make you a weakling
Or someone who can’t deal with controversial sayings
It just makes you trying to be a peaceful being
And for that a calm voice is more achieving 
James 3:5-6 talks about the tongue being unruly
So, control it by saying it kind; it’s our duty.

Oh! What God Can Do

Look how God turned it around
Oh! What God can do
Two years ago I was in frowns
As my world came crashing down
Nothing would go right for me
I never knew how sad and hopeless life could be

Sustained by friends encouraging wors
To never give up
inspired by artists songs
That the Lord would deliver
Clinging to preachers messages of hope
Readind His word, and praying more and more
This is how I kept going

And just as I thought I was permanently down
Oh! God turned it around
Oh! What God can do
His mercy is forever, His word so true.