Still Reasons To Give God Praise

I was able to go to church and get in my praise
But I can’t do anything else I planned today
The body won’t cooperate
I now understand the Scriptures in James (4:14)
Do what you can each day
As you don’t know what tomorrow will bring your way

But I won’t complain
There’s still reasons to give praise
I’m not in such shape that at home I can’t stay
I got a comfortable bed in which to lay
Got the juice and meds I need to take
So I’m really OK
I’ll just rest and pray
That I’ll feel better the next day

I’ve experienced in life
That even in dark moments, there’s something bright
It can be hard to see, but when you look carefully
And consider that worse it could be
There’s still reasons to give God thanks and praise.

Scripture Reference 1 Timothy 5:18

Even when something bad happens, usually something good can be found in the bad, and that makes a reason to give God thanks. For example, you may be sick, but thank God for a bed to rest in or loving people to help you and to comfort you. You may not have a job, but thank God He is still housing and feeding you. Even when something bad happens all of a sudden, God can bring something good along with it. I remember just as soon as I fell off a bike, some stranger came walking down the street to help me get up. Things can always be worse, so I learned in everything to give God thanks.

From Calamity to Calm

So many things to do
From planning on how to make them happen
To paying for them too
The build-up in my mind and body
Puts me on the verge of calamity
So I ask, God, why does everything fall on me?

And He answers me
You’d rather not have the capability to lead?
You’d rather not have resources others need?
Calm down and accept the responsibility
You make things worse by worrying

So once the calmness got into me, I started to change the way I think
Rather than complaining, I started thanking
Thanks Lord for my capabilities
Due to worry, sometimes trouble is not real, just perceived
And then thanks that You will help me deal with any thing
From calamity to calm You did bring.

Scripture Reference: Mark 4:37-41

Life can seem overwhelming sometimes when there is so much to do and you have to take the lead in seeing to it being done. It can also seem overbearing when many folks come to you for money. But would you rather not have money? Would you rather not have the mind and capability to lead people? What seems like a burden can actually be a blessing because God has thought so much of you, that He’s trusted you with resources and decisions. He will give you calmness and support when it is needed just like Jesus calmed the sea in Mark 37-41.

The Lord Sits High, But Looks Low

From the heaven to the valley
Everyone the Lord hears and sees
The population can never exceed His ability
To be in tune to each of our needs

Lord, You’re so high, I’m so low
But the separation is invisible
Because You seem ever so close
As everything and everyone You see and know.

Scripture reference – Psalm 138:6