God’s Greatnesses And Compassion

Great are the works of the Lord, Psalm 111:2



Don’t Forget

Don’t forget Who heard your cries Who forgave you just one more time Now the storm’s over And the sun is beginning to shine What have you done for God Must He remind? A lot He has blessed you with... Continue Reading →

Living A Dream

It wasn’t serious enough to be a prayer So I say it was more like a remote dream or fantasy I’d pass by the place, see all the crowds Later on I’d hear the fireworks, and cheers I would think... Continue Reading →

God’s Bountiful Blessings

Looking in the garden made me think Look how much food is coming up! Just from one little plant We can feed several families Another example of God’s generosity Ask God for one thing and He gives several things He... Continue Reading →

Reassured Love

The day seemed like it was going to end With no answer to my prayer in sight Then suddenly a text message came in I would get temporary help before the night It’s no permanent answer for what I prayed... Continue Reading →

Shower of Blessings

Feeling So Blessed Today

Feeling so blessed today Got what I need Most of what I want Not enough thanks I can say Not enough praise I can give To thank the Lord for all His goodness I just be in awe and wonder... Continue Reading →

Guilt Free Blessings

I asked the Lord for x amount And He gave x, y, and z He went over the top and blessed abundantly Beyond my imagination or need Yet, sometimes I feel this I should not receive As my behavior has... Continue Reading →

Old Blessings Are Still New

Old blessings are still new For over and over the Lord’s mercies renew (Lamentations 3:22) The things I prayed for years ago are still needed today Yet, for so many new things I have to pray New illnesses, deaths in... Continue Reading →

A Harvest Of Blessings

God and His generosity So much can come from just one seed And He made such a wide variety Of fruits and veggies To be pleasing to many Like a crop that yields plenty A harvest of blessings has He... Continue Reading →

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