Show Love Openly

Whatever your favorite form of expressing

Don’t let life go

Without letting love show

Thinking about visit them? Just go

Else they may not know  

You love them so

Show love openly

By saying I love you verbally

Or by physically touching

And doing good and kind things

Like calling and saying nothing

Buying gifts just to be pleasantly surprising

Show love openly.

I Still Love You

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You hath given, You hath taken away (ref. Job 1:21)
But I still love You anyway
If You never bless me again
I’ll never forget what You’ve already done
I know it would have been much worse
Without Your intervention in my life
Right now things just won’t go right
Soon as I think problems are over
Something bad comes, and takes the good away
I tried to understand why
Even though I pray, even though so hard I try
I just get knocked down every time

One obstacle I get over, but another comes
Why does it have to be this way
Seems as if You no longer hear for what I pray
But I still love You anyway
For now and forever I’ll always be grateful
All the jambs You got me out
All the smiles I had, all the joy
You gave, You took away
But I still love You Lord.

Scripture Reference: The book of Job
In all that Job went through, He maintained His love for God
and His faith and trust in God.

Worry Free

There was this county event that lasted for several weeks

And I was unsettled the way things had ended one night

I asked myself, how can the officials not see

That’s not how things  ought to be

I ignored Luke 12:22-28 totally

Where Jesus talks about not worrying

He clearly explains life and other things

can be beyond our ability to change

Yet, we worry anyway


And then in the following week

Everything worked out the way I thought it should be

I had spent that night with no sleep

Worrying for absolutely nothing

In the future when worrying wants to consume me

I’ll meditate on Jesus words of being worry free.


Scripture reference-Luke 12:22-28