Relationship Healing

Today this text came in, a favor they were requesting
I gladly granted what they were asking
As for them I now have compassion
But I remember years ago,
When I would have been quick to say no
And the feelings were mutually cold
So, why the change in feelings?
Relationship healing

I credit the relationship healing to the Lord Jesus
As he mended the forces between us
His teachings on love, and forgiveness
Has allowed us to put the ill feelings to rest
It’s not that harsh memories don’t exist
It’s they are not at the top of my memory list

Lord, thanks for intervening
You changed our lives such that we live interdependently
Our situation went from distressing to a blessing
Thank you Lord for relationship healing

Scripture References: 1 John 4:20, Matthew 18:21-22
Relationships are those critical human bonds we need in life. And the more loving, relationships one has, the happier one will be. Scripture 1 John 4:20 is about loving a brother. Yet, sometimes relationships fall apart due to things that shouldn’t have been said or done. And the fracture can be so deep that simply saying I’m sorry won’t mend the relationship. It can stay broken for years or even decades. And Just because you ask a person to forgive you doesn’t mean they will. In this case the relationship may not be restored, but can be used as a learning experience to treat future relationships better. Matthew 18:21-22 is about forgiving. Remember God forgives even if people don’t. But there’s good news, not only does the Lord Jesus heals physically, He heals in all other areas including relationships. It may not be restored when you want it to be, but God’s will, it will be restored. Just keep praying.

The War Of The Mind

There have been plenty of good experiences
But somehow the mind doesn’t won’t to dwell on them
There’s a war in the mind its seems
Instead of good thoughts, it wants to dwell on negativity

It will say, you didn’t get this, because you did that
And that may have been decades ago
And God forgives sins and wash them white as snow
Or it will remind me of what someone else did
But it won’t remind me that I should forgive

Negative thinking can prevent positive growth
As the mind thinks trying again isn’t useful
Whereas believing positively that you can achieve
Propels you to keep trying to reaching your destiny

There should be no war of the mind
You’ve allowed too much goodness in my life
So whenever negative thoughts want to creep in
Remind me of the many joyful experiences
Tell me to count my blessings
Fill my mind with praises and thanksgivings
And let me think of those things

Scripture Reference: Philippians 4:8, Isaiah 1:18
I’ve had many good experiences in life. But particularly when I’m not occupied, my mind will drift to the negative experiences I had instead of the positive ones. Sometimes when I don’t get something, it tries to justify it by reminding me of some sin. But I have to remember that God forgives sins.   In Isaiah 1:18, God said he will make our sins white as snow. Lately whenever negativity try to creep into my mind, I remind myself of Philippians 4:8 that tells of to think on things that are pure and lovely. I remind myself of all of the good things the Lord has done for me. And of all of the fun, positive experiences I had. I don’t know why the mind be at war with good and bad thoughts, but I do know it’s better to dwell on the positive and praise God for allowing positive to prevail.