God’s Greatnesses And Compassion

Great are the works of the Lord, Psalm 111:2


Christian poetry

Poetic expressions that give thanks and praises to God.


Some things are too burdensome for one But with a team, they can get done The Word gives us heed To bear one another’s burden with deeds Comfort each other in need And Jesus did say He’s in the midst... Continue Reading →

Still Opportunity At The Top

Is there a such thing as the top? When you got everything you sought May seem like there’s nothing left to do But God still needs you Because the laborers are few So like the birds waiting on top of... Continue Reading →

A Harvest Of Blessings

God and His generosity So much can come from just one seed And He made such a wide variety Of fruits and veggies To be pleasing to many Like a crop that yields plenty A harvest of blessings has He... Continue Reading →

Flying High

Like the pilot, I’m making flight plans Putting my destination in God’s hands I can do all things through Christ He gives me encouragement and might Flying high above negativity Or anything that will deter me Taking a direct flight... Continue Reading →

Supply Us This Day Our Daily Needs

Whether with bread or leaves God takes care of all His beings He created food chains So that every creature can be sustained So whether it’s food or something else I have a God who cares And like the giraffe... Continue Reading →

Great Plains, Great God

Space for the roaming animals is plenty As the plains stretch into infinity The backdrop of the hills and sky blend majestically And creates a testament to God’s artistry I look around and am amazed Why are the plains so... Continue Reading →


When the time is quiet and thoughts are few Let my mind reflect on You Not just on who You are But on all the great things You do Your word instructs us to be holy I can strive, but... Continue Reading →

As the hart panteth after the water brook

So my heart pant eth after You To hear Thy voice, feel Thy presence To lift my hands up to heaven And praise You in effervescence Like the water that sustain the greenery I pray You sustain me And forever... Continue Reading →

On the road to…

Victory, recovery, whatever it may be With God’s help , triumph I will see As He give me strength to defeat What ever tries to stop me My future will be vibrant as green shrubbery I’ll stand tall as the... Continue Reading →

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