At a point in life towards you there’s directed a smile 
Your response is I don’t have time
So to reciprocate, you decline
Then make excuse after excuse 
Not to become connected in life
Little did you know that this will lead to
Lonely nights 

Mistakes realized after years go by
Wonder where went the time 
Oceans shrinked to seas
Then to lakes then to streams
Fish swim there scarcely
If only the future you could have seen
Opportunities wouldn’t went unseized
Now the nights are lonely 

Things ain’t the same 
So outta reach, so others you teach
Seize the opportunity 
To make relationship everlasting 
A better one you may not see
In your lifetime
And that will lead to lonely nights 

Follow advice starting in Ecclesiastes 4:9 (4:9-12)
Pursue special love in life
Put effort in working on what’s not right 
Give it a fight
To give up and walk away 
Will lead to lonely nights.