This week the sick list is unusually long
It’s not just individuals but several members of families
Some cases so dire, they need the assistance of machines
No matter the illness, Jesus is the healer
And He can heal miraculously without medicine or surgery

No illness is too complex or deep
Jesus made the lame walk, the deaf hear and the blind see (Matthew 11:5)
And chronic illnesses can still be healed
Jesus cured the woman who suffered 12 years (Luke 8:43-44)
No number of patients is too many, the sick list is not to long
Jesus healed multitudes as He traveled along (Matthew 19:1-3)

Miraculous healing wasn’t just in biblical times
Jesus the healer, has been working continuously
I know this personally
I remember getting the devastating news
When doctors said there was nothing, they can do
For me it was so crushing and surreal to hear
Couldn’t believe there was no cure far or near
But I sang every church song I knew
From minute I woke, till I fell a sleep
Prayed, O Lord, please have mercy and heal me
And day by day the illness began to go away.

Lord, the sick list is long and extensive
But it’s not too long or complex for You
Miraculous healing is the specialty You do
So, the elders of the church, members and friends
Are calling on You
We pray for Your healing mercy to make our people well again.