I was in morning meditation
And thinking of all the good God has done for me throughout the years
And as I thanked a Him for this and thanked Him for that
I head His voice to say
“Share me”

He was telling me to share His goodness with others
Tell the world of all a His wondrous works
There’s someone out there suffering
There’s someone who doesn’t know that God is a healer, a deliverer
That He’s a problem solver and someone to talk to
And, He’ll walk through life with you

After all, if you ate in a restaurant and the food was delicious
Wouldn’t you tell others, so they can experience the goodness?
If you had good news like a job promotion, you’d tell everybody

The way I learned about God is someone shared Him
I would hear my relatives talk about how good He was
I didn’t know Him or have a relationship with Him
Until one day I prayed hard and asked Him to help me if He was real
He answered the prayer and, He proved He cared
So, it’s not enough for me to thank Him privately
He is to be shared.

Scripture Reference:
Psalm 105:10 Give thanks unto the LORD; call upon his name: make known his deeds among the people.