The urgent agonizing plead for money
Makes you wonder why the need
Wondering if they are really hurting
Or are old habits resurfacing

Know there was an addiction before
But the claim it is no more
And you see the cleanliness
And don’t want to contribute to a relapse mess

What if I gave and it went to a relapse?
What if I don’t give and there’s a genuine medical lack?
The Bible says judge not (Luke 6:37)
But you have to use judgement
You don’t want to feed the addiction
But you don’t want to deprive of medical attention

So, how to come to a decision?
When being torn over giving
I look to follow Solomon’s lead (1 Kings 3:9)
And ask God to instill wisdom in me
So that I can have an understanding heart
And give, but not in away to help the problem restart.