Jesus said He stands at the door and knocks
And He will come in and sup with whoever hears his voice (Revelation 3:20)
If He was still in physical form among us
I would love to sit down and have supper with Jesus
I would bring out my best china, linens and flatware
Buy the freshest vegetables and meats to prepare
Invite my closest to partake and share

What a privilege it is to have a personal relationship with Jesus
With Him there are no boundaries on what I can discuss
Nothing gets repeated, so Him I trust
I don’t have to ashamed to say anything because He lifts me up
In fact, the meal conversation would center around what He’s done
The blessings He’s bestowed, the miracles He’s performed
It would be a thank You for the care and love He’s shown

But I know I don’t need a meal to converse with the Lord
He’s always available through prayer
And the Holy Spirit is any and every where
It just would be nice to see Him face to face
But I’ll wait until I get up there.