The checks I earned were not adding up
I wanted to make that purchase but didn’t have enough
Even though the Bible says ask and ye shall receive
I didn’t pray about it because item wasn’t a necessity
As it was more of a want than a need

Today at work, a call from the boss I received
Boss explained that more of my time was needed
More time, meant more money
Suddenly that Item I wanted was in reach
God had looked on me favorably (Job 10:12)
An example of God’s greatness and compassion this week.


When my job told me they were giving me more hours, I knew that was God showing me favor. The additional hours they were giving me would allow me to earn enough money for the item I wanted to buy. It was favor because this wasn’t something I prayed about; this was just an example of God giving good gifts to his children (Matthew 7:12). As all good and perfect gifts come from him (James 1:17)