Feeling so blessed today
Got what I need
Most of what I want
Not enough thanks I can say
Not enough praise I can give
To thank the Lord for all His goodness

I just be in awe and wonder
Of how generous and merciful God is
He is great and compassionate
And he’s blessed me beyond what I could have imagined
I think back over situations I’ve been in
How my life was full of sin
But Jesus forgave again and again ( Psalm 103)

About many things I still have to pray
And life can bring new challenges any day
But today I’m experiencing peace and quietness
As today I’m feeling so blessed.


Psalm 103 gives us a wealth of information about how God forgives sins and has mercy and compassion on His children. There is no way I can pay God back for all His generosity and compassion for me. I just write about His goodness in effort to praise Him and to help others.