Old blessings are still new
For over and over the Lord’s mercies renew (Lamentations 3:22)
The things I prayed for years ago are still needed today
Yet, for so many new things I have to pray
New illnesses, deaths in families, and on and on
I would be overwhelmed with a prayer list so long
But the Lord is so full of mercy
He knows my limitations, and renews old blessings constantly

Yet, my thanks and praises to him have not been consistent
I tend to thank Him for the blessings that are recent
However, the old blessings are still very much relevant
And, them I never want to forget or take for granted
So, every now and then, I make time to meditate and reflect
How difficult life would be if I had to deal with both new and old things
So, from the bottom of my heart I thank God
That His mercies renew and old blessings are still new.