I wanted to do a blog to publicly thank and praise the Lord for all the miraculous things He has done in my life.  I feel I owe it to Him.   God has shown me that He is a merciful, kind, generous God, that can do anything.  And, I wanted to spread the news of his greatness.   And, I want people to know that through prayer, God can change one’s life for the better.

When I read Mark 5:19-20, I had found the perfect words to title my blog. In Mark 19, Jesus told to the man he had healed from a possession to “Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee”.  In Mark 5:20 the man went on to publish or tell people how the Lord had healed him.   The three words great, compassion and publish were key for my blog; as in my publications I will be expressing the great things God has done or expressing the compassion He has shown.  The Lord has given me the ability to express myself poetically so the blog posts will be written in poetic form.  I will start out by posting material on a weekly basis.  Please feel free to contact me via the email link provided, or feel free to leave comments.  Thanks for visiting my blog.

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