God’s Greatnesses And Compassion

Great are the works of the Lord, Psalm 111:2


thanks and praise

Unto Thee O God Do We Give Thanks

Unto thee O God do we give thanks (Psalm 75:1) This is the beginning of my favorite Psalm Many times I wanna say thanks to God, But I don’t know quite what to say But when I start to read... Continue Reading →

Still Reasons To Give God Praise

I was able to go to church and get in my praise But I can’t do anything else I planned today The body won’t cooperate I now understand the Scriptures in James (4:14) Do what you can each day As... Continue Reading →

I Am Grateful–That’s My Story

I am grateful-that’s my story For the grace and mercy, You’ve bestowed upon me I give You thanks, praise and glory God, You are beyond majesty and royalty Don’t mind bowing my head and getting on my knees To thank... Continue Reading →

Typical Day of Thanks

Lord, another day You did create Before I do anything, a few minutes I take To read your word and meditate As your word may give me directions for the day Or inspire me in some kind of way Afterwards,... Continue Reading →

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