God’s Greatnesses And Compassion

Great are the works of the Lord, Psalm 111:2



Fire The Envy

They’re having more fun than me - - it seems I wanna do what their doing, have what they have I was happy with what the Lord gave to me Until I see what others have now I’m not happy... Continue Reading →

In Everything Give Thanks

Expected to get back from an errand in time to see the news But car wouldn’t start leaving me stuck unexpectedly With the windows rolled down and inside exposed I could have gotten upset, but I found reasons to give... Continue Reading →

Unto Thee O God Do We Give Thanks

Unto thee O God do we give thanks (Psalm 75:1) This is the beginning of my favorite Psalm Many times I wanna say thanks to God, But I don’t know quite what to say But when I start to read... Continue Reading →

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